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SSAE 16 Certified Data Centers

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MTV1 is a SSAE16 certified, HIPAA compliant facility with top-tier security, redundancy, power, and bandwidth.
With over 50,000 sq ft of available space, multiple dark fiber entry routes, multiple 10 Gigabit networks, 500 tons of cooling power, and 24/7/365 on-site, highly qualified support and security staff.

Unified Web is responsible for physical security, environmental protection, and logical security (cybersecurity) up to the hypervisor boundary. Our data center undergoes periodic SSAE 16 audits of their processes in the above areas.

Our Network

Lightning fast speeds and reliability

Our network is among the fastest, most reliable networks in California. It is built on industry-leading Cisco routers and switches, and boasts 1000 Gbps of bandwidth connectivity. Your networks will always ping at lightning-fast speeds. We partner with premium network providers and peering arrangements and our multiple redundant fiber ring ensures the fastest connection to any global destination.

  • 2N+1 for max redundancy and uptime.
  • Full Redundancy and Dark Fiber Providers
  • Duplicate core and edge equipment ensures no downtime in event of hardware failure
  • Dual network cable drops to all racks ensuring no single point of failure
  • Spare parts, including chassis, blades, power supply units, and supervisor modules for all Cisco gear
  • Our BGP+ network runs on the 6500 series with 720 3BXL supervisors

Power: Always On

You always have access to a stable power source

We have Redundancy
Every power component in our facilities is regularly subjected to heavy load and failover testing. Redundant power feeds, power distribution units, transfer switches, and generators ensure you always stay online.

We have Generators
Generators power core components, power cooling, and all peripheral systems.

Your hardware will remain powered and cooled during a power outage.

MTV1 Data Center

Unified Web MTV1 Data Center Specifications


Power Electrical System

  • 2MW Caterpillar Generator
  • 3000 Gallons of Diesel fuel
  • Double Ended 3000A IEM Switchgear
  • 4 Eaton Powerware 9315 500KVA UPS Modules
  • PDI PDUs with Branch Circuit Power Monitoring
  • All Power Systems are in a N+1 or Greater


Cooling and Fire Suppression

  • Data Aire CRAC unites
  • 450 Ton Chilled Water system
  • VESDA Smoke Detectors
  • Heat Detectors
  • Laser Grid Smoke Detection
  • Double Interlock Dry Pipe Pre-action System


Building Management Systems & Security

  • Fully Staffed 24x7x365
  • Honeywell Building Security System
  • Biometric Access Controls
  • All doors monitored and alarmed
  • Camera System with Digital Storage
  • Invensys Building Management System
  • Local and Remote monitoring of all building systems


Network and Fiber

  • 2 Underground building entrances
  • Cross connects available too all major Bay Area Datacenters
  • On Net Carriers: Unified Web, Layer42, Qwest, Level3, SVP, Abovenet, AT&T, XO Communications, Fiber Internet Center, Applied Operations
  • NPA-NXX: 408-450
  • Fiber: Fiber connectivity available from all major carriers. Two diverse entry points strategically located on opposite sides of the building for increased redundancy
Unified Web
Unified Web MTV1 Data Center Specifications
80lbs per square foot
Pre-Action double interlock fire suppression system
Seismic Zone 4

50 Tons of cooling
1400 KW of Heat Rejection Capacity
(10) Primary and (6) Redundant CRAC Units
A/C units maintain a climate of 72 degrees (+/-5) and 30-60% humidity

(2) UPS units in parallel N+1 configuration
Each UPS unit can support its designed full load for 20 minutes via internal battery plant
(16) AC Power Distribution Units

150 watts per sqft

(1) 1 Megawatt standby generator in an N+1 design for the data center power distribution and UPS support.
(1) 1.25 Megawatt standby generator in an N+1 design for the data center mechanical and AC equipment support.
5,000 gallons of diesel storage on site to provide a minimum of 24 hours of continuous generator run time.
(1) diesel vendor contract in place with 4 hours SLAs
Generators are in protected and secured enclosures

– Card access control at all secure areas/doors
– Surveillance cameras at strategic locations, exterior and interior CCTV coverage
– On-site security during business hours
– 24/7 Corporate security surveillance
– Speakers and phone systems installed throughout facility for correspondence with local and remote security personnel
– 30 days of on-site video back-up

All essential equipment is tied into an Eaton building management system (UPS, Power Distribution Units, ATSs, generators, mechanical units, diesel tanks, TVSS, fire system, heat sensors)